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David Wheeler Meets Lauren Boebert

In Lauren Boebert's response to our defamation lawsuit against her, she claims David Wheeler grabbed her hand and would not let go and she felt physically threatned.  

However, the truth is David was shaking her hand after a debate.  Isn't that what poltiicians do:  shake hands?  

You decide if David was menacing her and threatening her.  

The Real Lauren Boebert Revealed

This is a disturbing audio conversation where Lauren Boebert's life choices are discussed in depth. 

We make no judgements about any of those choices and simply provide the audio so voters can learn more about the real Lauren Boebert.  Nor do we make any judgements about the choices her mother and husband have made that are discussed in this conversation.

The original 37 minute conversation was recorded in June 2022.  We've edited it for brevity and to protect the identity of our source and others.  [Though this source no longer lives in Colorado, we are still so worried about reprisals, intimidation, and threats of violence that we are protecting their identity.  The source's voice has also been altered to make it harder to identify.  The source has agreed to appear voluntarily to be deposed if a lawsuit is filed.]  There are short gaps in this edited version of the conversation.  The edits were never made to alter the tone or substance of the conversation.  We did not change anything our source actually said nor did we alter the order of the conversation. 

The audio contains talk of drug use, extra-marital affairs, sex, guns, drinking, potential crimes, and a lot of profanity and racially insensitive language.  If any of this might offend you, don't listen to it. 


The Real Lauren Boebert
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