The Mike Bishop Episodes


On June 1, 2022, one of our team called Mike Bishop to learn more about the plane he sold Lauren and Jayson Boebert.  What unfolded was a series of more than 15 calls over the course of a week.  During the calls Mike brags about his access to Lauren, how she will do whatever he says, and lots of details about the plane, Lauren and Jayson's money, and politics in Colorado.  

This is the sort of supporter Boebert has in Colorado.  We hope you'll listen and share with other voters in Colorado and vote Boebert out.

We'll be posting new episodes every couple days.  Enjoy.

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Mike Bishop - Episode One: The N Word

What follows is an excerpt from the first call between our team member and Mike Bishop. During the call he explains why Lauren Boebert bought the plane, describes Jayson Boebert using the "N" word and other details about the plane.  Also included, China, Nancy Pelosi, Hunter Biden, guns, and more.  

Mike Bishop: Episode 1 - The "N" Word
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Episode 2 - "I would bend her over my knee and paddle her..."

Mike is fired up in this episode. We talk about whether Boebert is flying drugs in her airplane. Mike admits that he and his wife fly Boebert for free, which is illegal. Mike won't tell me whether Boebert flies private jets to DC and Florida. He calls our sources in Denver "pieces of shit" and "fucking rats".  And he claims Boebert is "a little kid" and that former Congressman Tipton is a "... piece of shit, that did nothing for anyone..."  Ed Wilkerson elected her according to Mike.  Enjoy.

Mike Bishop Episodes 2
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Lauren Boebert Airplane

Mike Bishop - Episode 3:
"Dykes, Elaine Chao, and kicking
80 million people out of USA..."

Mike makes a series of charges against the LGBTQ community, I actually defend Elaine Chao, and he wants to send 80 million people to the Ukraine.  Enjoy.

Mike Bishop ep 3
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