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Lauren Boebert's Drunken 4X4 Wreck with Son in Vehicle

Exclusive Details Revealed Here

Boebert nearly killed her sister-in-law during a drunk driving accident while driving a 4X4 in Moab, Utah. 

Boebert Begged Sister-in-Law to Say Nothing and Covered Up the Accident


Utah and Colorado Officials requested to investigate Boebert for "Reckless Child Abuse" for drinking and driving.

Below are all the details and our press release.

You must watch this with volume up.

FireBoebert Press Release on Boebert Drunk Driving Accident June 15 2022-1.png

Audio of Tic Tac Tow Owner
Confirming Accident

Audio of Tic Tac Tow in Moab, UT Confirming Accident
00:00 / 03:13

Tori Hooper Audio and Text Messages

Exh N2 - Hooper DBW texts_Page_2_edited.
Listen to Tori Hooper Describe the Accident Here
00:00 / 07:03
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