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Lauren Boebert Was a Paid Escort
and Had Two Abortions

Read our Press Release on Lauren Boebert's
Escort Career and Abortions

FireBoebert Press Release - Boebert Was an Escort - June 14 2022 v2.docx (2)-page-001.jpg
Am Muck Press Release - Boebert Abortion and Paid Escort 06-14-22 v2-2.png

Note From FireBoebert.Com Team

We make no judgement about Boebert's abortions.  That is her right as a woman in Colorado. 

However, we are reporting on the unbelievable hypocrisy of her railing against women that want that same right.  Boebert has consistently been against woman in Colorado and the entire country having the same rights to make their own healthcare decisions. 

In addition, we don't take a position about the propriety of being a paid escort and respect any men or women that choose this career.  However, escorts are regulated in Colorado and must register under state law.  We have searched and requested to see her registration without success.  If Boebert has an escort registration we will correct our story and apologize to Boebert.  However, we aren't holding our breath.

Finally, no one at Planned Parenthood or any other medical practice anywhere provided Boebert's medical records or violated HIPAA rules.  We did not consult with or receive any tips from any medical providers, staff, admins, technicians, etc.  Nor did we hack or receive any medical records or obtain any information in such a way that would violate any Colorado or U.S. laws.  We have never seen any of Boebert's medical records.

All the facts came from a source we trust and others on our team know. We verified the abortion claims with another source.  We stand by our story. We've not seen nor heard anything that would refute our allegations. If we do, we'll let you know.

After reviewing several dates with our sources, at 8:30 PM on June 14, 2022, we revised our press release to include specific dates of Boebert's abortions and the specific donation amounts from Ted Cruz.  Previously, we had round figures for the donations given to us by our source and didn't include any years for the abortions. 

In addition, we posted an updated press release on June 15, 2022, at 5:44 PM, without a picture we have been told is someone else.  We have contacted the Daily Mail to confirm the identity of the photo as our source still claims it is Boebert. 

Lauren Boebert's Actual Profile Pictures

Messages Confirming Boebert Was a Paid Escort & Met Koch Family Member on

Source: Our source requested we not reveal their name, location, or any other information.

Note:  The screenshots are the actual text messages in sequential order from our source to team. Several texts were excluded or part of them excluded to protect their identity.  In no case did we edit the actual text sent by our source.

Boebert Escort Texts

Colorado Statutes on Being a Paid Escort

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