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Boebert Lies 16 Times in 3 Minutes

Audio from a campaign event, provided by an anonymous source, shows how much of a liar Lauren Boebert is.  Watch and learn.

Boebert Ambushed by
the Press on
October 14, 2022 Pueblo, CO


Lauren Boebert's Best Friend is Madison Cawthorn

Lauren stars in and narrates an incredible tribute to Madison.  Please watch by clicking below, then share with friends, and then donate here!

Garfield County Sheriff and Lauren Boebert Emails
Garfield County, Colorado,
Sheriff Lou Vallario and Lauren Boebert seem to have a very cozy relationship. 
In our opinion, Lou is Lauren's personal political enforcer. 
But you can decide.  Read these emails and then post your opinions on your social media and tag us @americanmuck.  

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2022-08-28 13_54_14-sheriff lou vallario lauren boebert - Google Search.png

Boebert Mug Shot

Lauren Boebert's 
Political Enforcer

Exclusive: Police Radio Traffic for Boebert Family Dispute

Boebert Family Police Radio Traffic - 8/4/22
00:00 / 03:51

BREAKING - 911 Calls From Police Incident Caused by Lauren Boebert's Family

Click Below to Play Witness Statement About the Boebert Incident on August 8, 2022
NOTE: Unmute audio in lower right hand corner.

Unmute Audio Here


We helped fire Madison Cawthorn. 

Now it's Lauren Boebert's turn.
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